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Celebrity Tally

22 November 2008


Since becoming a professional actor in 1980, I’ve gotten to work with celebrities now and then. Here’s a chronological list of those with whom I shared a scene or more in film, television or theatre. (Not counted are stars who shared a show but not a scene with me, or famous folk I’ve met but not worked with.)

How many of the of the 22 productions represented can you identify?

Dawnn Lewis
Griffin Dunne
Anna Chlumsky
Mike Speller
Hervé Villechaize
Sam Waterston
Melissa Joan Hart
Jeff Altman
Justin Timberlake
Dolly Parton
Phylicia Rashad
Ellen Burstyn
Elizabeth McGovern
Stephen Root
Gregory Harrison
Rene Auberjonois
Heath Ledger
Donal Logue
Jason Isaac
Harry Connick, Jr.
William Atherton
John Travolta
James Gandolfini
Scott Caan
Lonny Price
Michael Andrew
Lauren Graham
Genie Francis
Ted McGinley

Of course, there are many other actors I consider stars with whom I’ve been privileged to perform. They should not take it as a slight to find their names missing here, for their names are in my heart. Or my pants.


Pastorized and Borderline acting

16 November 2008



I filmed a scene playing a minister in a new Hallmark TV movie, Taking a Chance on Love, that stars the gracious Genie Francis (the legendary Laura from General Hospital, among other credits) and the gregarious Ted McGinley (a regular on numerous TV series including Happy Days, Dynasty, Married with Children, Sports Night and Hope and Faith). I have not learned when the movie will air; might they rush it through post in time for this Christmas season?

Despite another small, forgettable role, the day was a happy one, thanks to the last minute addition of spoken dialogue for my character, the friendly cast and helpful crew, and the affable writer-director, Doug Barr. Thanks to all.

The Canadian film & television actors’ union, ACTRA, holds semi-annual conferences for their members with discussions, workshops and even some “free” food. (It’s all paid for by our dues, of course, but the volunteers who put these things together are to be lauded.)

Four cast members from the TV series The Border generously graced the most recent conference, answering questions at one session and re-enacting scenes from their show with selected non-stars at another. I got to do a brief scene with Nazneen Contractor, who was lovely and sweet. It was a truly enjoyable three minutes, no lie.

Now somebody please get me onto the actual damn show. Merci.



Rank? You bet!

1 November 2008


According to Foreign Policy magazine, Toronto makes it into the top ten “Global Cities.” Out of 60 ranked cities, Toronto comes in at #26 for “Business Activity” (surprisingly behind Milan and Stockholm but ahead of San Francisco and Berlin), #24 in “Political Engagement,” #18 in Information Exchange,” #10 in “Human Capital” (edging out Paris), and (insert fanfare here) #4 in “Cultural Experience” (trailing only London, Paris and New York).

Like all such lists, this index begs for arguments. Nonetheless, I shall enjoy a moment of pride. Happy to help your rating, Toronto. And rah, rah, culture!