Ontari-ari-ari-o, look!

20 October 2008

In honour of Fall, I am falling behind again on blogging. What else is new?

Two weeks ago I treated myself (for my birthday) and Katharine (for my birthday) to an overnight trip out of the city and into Ontario’s scenic countryside. Driving about three hours north of Toronto, we were greeted by ever more colourful signs of autumn. I can recommend Route 118 between Rtes. 11 and 35! Even the off-and-on rain wasn’t enough to keep the beauty from shining through.

Our weather luck improved, and by the time we visited Haliburton Skyline Park, the sun was putting in more of an appearance, illuminating the leaves in a variety of stunning hues.

Then to our charming, not-a-chain-or-brand-name motel.

A short walk took us to bewitchingly tranquil Twelve Mile Lake for a brief visit before the rain returned.

After dinner and sundown, the clouds remained—thick, low and dark. So I was unable to enjoy starry skies and once again missed the Milky Way, which I have really seen only once since I was in college. (We have yet to see a moose, either, so future trips to the country are required!)

The following day brought clear skies and magnificent views, as we crossed from the Haliburton Highlands into the Muskokas and to the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower, the high point of my birthday (rimshot).

On the way home, we stopped for a second time at Weber’s Hamburgers (a tradition! a must! we were told—and now I’m telling you). And back to the commonplace reality of day-to-day existence, plus one year of deterioration. And since then the somewhat subdued yet ever so welcome colours have reached the trees of Toronto. I love autumn.



  1. Beautiful! But Mr. T. you are spelling like a Canadian. I was utterly shocked to see color is now colour as you transform the words in your mind to your new patois. Rather like the spell check in your brain having a makeover, a word peaking? So how do you spell theater now? Hmmm?

  2. Heya
    I don’t know what impresses me more–the photography or the fact that you’re a Milky Way ‘virgin’. Sorry, I had to drop my “northwoods” childhood advantages on ya!

  3. I have always used the spelling “theatre,” at least since I realized that every single Broadway house uses what American lexicon jingoists decry as “the British spelling.” If it’s good enough for the civilized world *and* Broadway, it’s fine by me.

    So yes: colour, humour, neighbour, favourite; theatre, centre, litre; and even cheque. Soon: pyjamas!

  4. I’ve eaten a Milky Way…does that count?

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