From the Club Archives, Sub-Basement 3

1 October 2008


The number of hits this blog has received since posting about the Adventurers Club is both encouraging and a bit frightening. Before now my highest number was a couple dozen; the “Bear Eats You” post is nearing a thousand hits. My emotional response falls somewhere between “Wow, cool” and “Get a life.”

So I’ve scanned a few more silly photos from my pre-digital camera days. You’ll just have to forgive how often I appear in them! Eventually I’ll add more if I can dig them out. Thanks to the sundry photographers who generously gave me copies of their work. And thanks for the kind words in comments left here and on Flickr.

Find my Adventurers Club pictures here.


One comment

  1. Hi Kris, I am really enjoying your blog. I am going to add it to my links on my blog, which I invite you visit so I have more than the two readers I can count on, me & Jim. http://claudiacarlson.blogspot.com/
    Will you put up your design work too? I am delighted by how many things you do and do well.
    With all due delight,

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