Empty blog, not quite so empty life

25 June 2008

Yes, it has been too long between posts. I could have reported on:


• seeing a play about where Godot was while others were waiting for him.

• being given free tickets to Twelve Angry Men with Richard Thomas (he was okay, others in the cast were better).

• dropping by an open house at a place that teaches court reporting and closed captioning (because really, I should have a skill, some skill, any skill).

• dealing with the leaky toner cartridges in our colour laser printer.

• attending Doors Open Toronto and touring a cool little printing house and a big factory reclaimed as offices and studios.

• going to readings at the Toronto library (one of which included an author playing french horn while a Queen Elizabeth II impersonator entered).

• working a part time job coaching customer service by phone.

• winning free tickets to a Luminato event (to which I couldn’t find anyone to go with), a concert of songs by famous Canadians but sung by others (and which I left at intermission due to an early morning the next day).

• fretting over too few auditions and the frustrations of the auditions I do get.

• attending the mostly disappointing Toronto ACTRA Performers’ summer conference.

• visiting our neighbourhood community playhouse for the first time, to see a friend in a newish play (he was better than the play, which was no Twelve Angry Men).

• working on projects for Katharine.

• not sleeping enough thanks to teeth grinding and other ailments.

• movies I’ve enjoyed, including Indiana Jones and The History Boys.


…and so on. 



  1. Glad to see you’re still alive! Happy Canada Day (almost)!

  2. Greetings!

    Thanks for the update. Have only seen Iron Man–good–and no plays of late. Planning on a Steppenwolf splurge next month–Dead Man’s Cell Phone.
    Nothing new in the storytelling realm, or acting, or romance…
    How ’bout them Cubs??!

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