Two rugs pulled out from under

1 April 2008


Professional honesty has been in short supply lately.


I had an audition for a series of three commercials. A good response at the audition and a callback. Even better, my agent said I was “on hold;” that the callback was just a formality; that I was practically booked subject to approval by the client; that only something like four people were on hold. Four people for three roles? Good odds.


Lies. There were dozens of people called back. I had to read a different role than the one that had gone so well before. I was directed to not do the things that got a good reaction at the original audition. The callback reduced my participation from that of skilled comic actor to that of a face, a look. Lots of others looked the part better than I; without my performance I didn’t stand a chance.


I also had an interview for a non-show biz job. As jobs go this was better than most: good pay, good working conditions, and related to my profession to a degree. The interview and practice session went well and Friday I was offered a contract, with details to come this week. Nice.


Wrong. The client’s needs changed and today I was suddenly in the “wait to hire” pile. 


Damn and pfui on both gigs. The standard rejection is tough enough without a big let down after a false build up. Onward and oof.



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