11 March 2008


Familiar with the old argument about when a guy should call a girl after they’ve had a date? For guys, calling the very next day could signal an interest so strong that the woman might interpret it as <gasp> commitment. For the woman, a man who waits more than two days to call is *obviously* a cad, a horndog and a jerk.


What I noticed, back in those awkward dating days, was that the longer I waited to make that follow-up call the harder it got to pick up the phone—even if I was interested in doing so. I remember a women I wanted to see again was so mad at me by the time I talked to her that the whole thing was over, just as I was trying to figure out if it had even existed in the first place.


This same inertia problem occurs with my blogging. The more time that elapses between posts, the tougher it is to start up again. Not just out of laziness or preoccupation with other things in my life, but because there seems to be an inherent need for The Return Of The Blog to be worthy, to matter, to address a subject that justifies the space between entries.


The solution is to either compose just such a brilliantly insightful piece, or to simply not care. Or, one can write about inertia itself. And so it goes.


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