11 March 2008


Our first winter in Canada was pretty mild. Having moved from Florida, it was a gentle transition to a northern climate. In our blithe and smug naiveté we thought, “We can handle this!” 


We have now learned that last year was Toronto’s second least amount of snowfall on record. This year has brought us to the brink of setting a new record, beating the total set in 1938-39. 




I actually like snow, except when I must shovel it. I don’t even usually mind the cold. But this year has also brought treacherously icy sidewalks. These—and bitter cold winds—I can do without. 


Which leads me to thoughts of what I miss and don’t miss about Florida. For example, I loved watching space shuttle launches, day or night, even from 50 miles (80 km) away. Thrilling.




I do not, and will never ever miss, the expression, “y’all.” It grates on my nerves, sets my teeth on edge and raises my hackles. I have friends who are not from the American South but who have adopted the term. Although these are wonderful people otherwise, I think they are ill-advised, creepy and just plain wrong to do so. Bleah.


I liked the Florida skies and the ocean, and I miss my friends. I did not like the ten-month-long summers and the swamp-spewed allergens, and I do not miss the stupid Confederate flag.




  1. Hmmmm…I am one of those who lived in the South and picked up y’all and I’m going to use it forever. I love it! So there. And I’m not creepy. My husband IS from the South and he couldn’t stop using y’all if he tried.

    It’s been colder and snowier here too in BC, but that means we got a few extra inches of snow this year! Didn’t shovel none of it either. Just built a bigger fire.

    What I do miss about the South is my water view. I’ll tell you what I DON’T miss about the South. Pollen!!!!!! By now I would be four weeks into a deep and miserable allergy lethargy, but I’m just dandy here out west amongst the evergreens.


  2. As Gump’s mama would have said, creepy is as creepy does. I stand by my “bleah” and add “yuck” besides. But hey, that’s personal freedom. Some people don’t mind “y’all” and some people don’t mind pollen. I’ll take “eh?” and crispness in the air, thank you.

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