Audio argyle

24 December 2007




My girlfriend may sometimes be pessimistic, but she’s my lady, she’s my girl, she’s my woman. And she finds things in this world that bring her a whisker of happiness. Once she does, these things become her innermost circle of friends, at least for an unspecified period of time. At present, they include peppermint ice cream, kitties, and argyle. Yes, the Scottish pattern found mostly on sweaters and socks.


So I wrote her a song. (Or rather, yet another song.) Fortunately, she also hearts silliness. 


Click here 



One comment

  1. <>
    You rock, man. I know you were really happy with Pessimistic (and don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty clever), but I think this one is a step-and-a-half above that. Wheeeee.

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