The Full Vermonty

24 October 2007


Five days. Six relatives. Four states. Over thirty hours in the car. Too little time to see or enjoy nearly enough. It must have been what is called a vacation. Can it be a vacation when it is amidst unemployment? Let’s say it was a break from our lives, a getaway from recent sad events and a chance to fill our eyes with the best nature has to offer.

Potsdam: my college town. Hadn’t seen it in over 25 years. Adirondack State Park: glorious. Vermont: my favourite place, especially in autumn (and I am not one who likes the limitions of picking favourites). Did you know there are no billboards in the entire state? Not even for Ben & Jerry’s. Onward to Lowell, Mass: can art restore an industrial city? The Massachusetts Turnpike and New York’s I-88: beautifully scenic. New York’s Southern Tier: not bad, but when up against what we’d seen thus far, paled somewhat.

Ontario parts of the drive were, unfortunately, the ugliest. And the border wait back into Canada added 90 minutes to our return home. Bleah.

In addition to my family, from whom I had been too long apart, Katharine and I got to meet a few friends and five cats, enjoy generous hospitalities, and spend a lot of time together just before the loooooooooooooooong time we will be apart. Bad weather muted the Vermont colours and prevented both a mountain visit and any chance of seeing the Milky Way, both sights I have yearned for since last seen a decade ago or more. And we were simply too rushed most of the time.

Still, the good outweighed the disappointing. I hope everyone else involved feels the same.



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