How Does the World See You?

7 October 2007

“Isn’t it lovely how artists can capture us?” – Stephen Sondheim, Sunday in the Park with George

Ever pose for something besides the family Christmas card, the corporate team photo or glamour shots? Ever sat for a bona fide artist and have your portrait done? Been preserved in charcoal, oils or bronze?

Digging through my archives, I realized I have been represented at least four times. Twice in sketches done of characters I portrayed at a certain theatrical nightclub in the Land of Swamps and Tourists. Those enduring works of art (one is a colour Xerox and the other drawn with ballpoint pen on a bar napkin) are somewhere in the vault. But I have pictures of two others.

One is a long-ago painting by Robert W. Brunelle Jr., an artist who creates both fine art and comics (also fine), and who teaches art in northern Vermont. Behold my past:


The other is more recent. A Chicago artist—and massage therapist, actor, singer and trombonist, as well as former flight attendant, tech writer and inventor of the peanut butter and mayonaisse sandwich, and one of my oldest and bestest friends, with the unlikely name of Richard Bennett—titled this “15 Years at Disney.”


The scary thing is, that’s me on a good day.

My father has also been made semi-immortal, although I have no details for this terrific piece of work:


Was there ever any doubt whence came my good looks? The only surprise is that more artists have not sought us out for such media as murals, statues and real estate calendars.


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