Festival Restival

1 October 2007

My, oh my, Toronto has events! Ethnic food festivals, art festivals, music festivals, literary gatherings, parades, charity runs or climbs (up the CN Tower, now the second-tallest freestanding structure in the world), and mega-events like The Ex, Caribana, and Nuit Blanche. We’ve seen a few and missed many more. They are often exhausting.

Yesterday, we found a change of pace at the High Park Harvest Festival. After all the biggies and their rowdydow, this felt like someone’s backyard party. A few crafts (jewelry, jams, honey and t-shirts), kids’ activities (carve a small pumpkin, bob for apples but hanging by strings from a tree rather than floating in a tub), horse and wagon rides, and a bit of live music.


The simplicity and lack of pretension, set to another lovely day in High Park, made for a little serenity; at least as much as can be expected with the adversities we are dealing with at present.


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