Worse than the dentist

23 September 2007

Easily one of the most stressful days of the year is the one on which the cats have their annual appointment with the veterinarian. Yesterday was the worst yet.

The car hasn’t room for all three cats at once, so we took Juniper separately first. Although usually very affectionate with me and friendly with others, she does have her loathings; among them are getting in her carrier, going outside, and riding in a car. Each year she gets worse, and yesterday actually got car sick for the first time. After having to wait 45 minutes at the vet’s due to earlier emergencies putting them behind schedule, by the time we were seen she was livid. The nurse had to wear what looked like welder’s gloves, and she was so difficult I was asked to wait outside. As we stood in the waiting room, the sounds she made from the other side of the door were like something from The Exorcist.

Vespa and Linnell complained on their ride, too, but it was more amusing since Linnell, a 15 pound tiger, makes the tiniest and highest-pitched sounds of the three. Except for vaccination number 2, which caused him discomfort, he was beautifully behaved. Vespa wasn’t terribly bad, either (except for her resistance to being put in her carrier), but she and Juniper are still not back to normal behaviour twenty-four hours later. They are not eating much if at all, and seem joyless. Even Linnell is subdued.

Our cats bring us so much happiness that when they are miserable we cannot help but be heavyhearted ourselves.


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