Look, Ma, I’m Published! (not really; the internet doesn’t count)

16 September 2007

Two photos from my Flickr collection (see “Truelsen’s Camera” in Blogroll at right) have been selected for inclusion in the Toronto Schmap Guide. Point your cursor at the little pine tree icon at the map’s lower right corner to see pictures from Ashbridge’s Bay Park, two of which were taken with my old and now-defunct digital camera nearly a year ago.

I had never heard of Schmap when I got the request, but if they like pictures of silhouetted barren trees and silly-looking fishermen, I’m okay with that. And now that we know they exist, we can all see what photos are chosen to represent other locations! It’s like a travel agency at your fingertips! Like a journey into the eyeballs of other travelers! Like a world tour without having to keep your carry-on free of lubricant!

Surprisingly, there is no Schmap Guide for Ashtabula, Ohio.


One comment

  1. Schmap seems like a neat service, but they kept taking a photo I told them was incorrectly labelled and trying to use it in the directory.

    I took a photo of a spot where a business was supposed to be opening, but it turned out to not be happening so quickly. Sometimes, I think they are robots.

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