Hi, Park!

14 September 2007

Before the weather turns into what everyone thinks of when they think of Canada, we visited High Park today; a wonderful and sizeable park not too far from our neighbourhood. We’d explored part of it in the Spring, particularly to see the cherry blossoms.


I’d been back a couple more times (including attendance at a smallish revel on Canada Day), but this was our first walk along Grenadier Pond.


A lovely day in the park! Once among the trees that turned a warm sun into dappled light, with a friendly breeze as company, the weather was utterly to my liking. And sundry lovely scenes presented themselves for our enjoyment.


This is a park with many pathways, trails, lawns, gardens and hills. Our return trek, in direct sunlight and all uphill, was more of a trudge. Whew. But along that return we found a nice little farmers’ market and discovered that there are a number of formal gardens, including one in the shape of a maple leaf.


Toronto has many parks ranging from sad little parkettes to beaches to large, foliage-filled ravines. High Park is one of the city’s dearest, and because of its proximity, we call it ours.


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  1. Pretty! Me want park too! ugh!

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