Do They Want Us to Stay Home?

7 September 2007

Twelve dollars.

That’s what going to a movie costs in Toronto. At least, that’s what the theatre we went to last night charges (okay, $11.95) for a ticket. Matinees, too—it’s all the same price. And it’s obscene.

For that price, there should be complimentary popcorn. No pre-show commercials. And non-sticky floors.

And how about soundproof capsules in which to place talkers?

Katharine and I have not been out to a movie since maybe 2005. (What the hell happened to my precise record-keeping?) She gets movies on DVD through one of those mail rental services, so we’ve seen a lot in the living room, but I miss the size, the sound, and the overall experience of a nice theatre. She has her reasons for preferring home viewing; mine is budget. And damn, has my reason been justified.

So last night, armed with a 2-for-1 coupon, we caught up with the cinematic Harry Potter. A couple dozen people in the audience, including ten or so remarkably well-behaved teenagers scattered about. But one little girl, maybe 6 or 7, was the source of non-stop prattle. {sigh} Get the capsule.

The movie itself was okay.

On a related note, the Toronto International Film Festival started yesterday. Very prestigious, lots of celebrities in town, and intriguing entries. You don’t want to know prices for tickets.


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  1. New York was pretty bad when I was there this summer, and seeing as how I’m dating a girl who lives in London, I think they may even be a bit worse off than you Canadians. I think it’s £8 or more, which is around $16.

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