Subway days

25 August 2007

We’re all about public transit. We rarely use the car, except for groceries, heavy items, or going to the odd place difficult to reach by the TTC’s subways, streetcars and buses. As environmentally-minded tree-huggers, we’re glad to lessen our carbon footsie-prints. But man, it does eat up the time.

In Orlando, getting to auditions usually meant a 20-minute drive. Here, between riding the TTC, waiting for transfers and walking, my auditions are mostly about an hour away. And this is not commuting to a paid job, but only seeking work. One of several reasons the rates I get paid as a professional actor are not really as high as they must seem to outsiders.

Should we consider moving closer to the area where most of my auditions are held? We live in a lovely neighbourhood, quiet and full of wonderful trees. The trade-off for shorter travel would mean more urban surroundings: less green, less quiet, less safe. For now, the question is academic; we won’t look elsewhere for another year, if at all.


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