T.O. Islands, tranquil vs. hubbubby

19 August 2007

A couple of months ago, a visiting friend and I ventured to the Toronto Islands. Part enclave of little houses ranging from quaint to ostentatious to decrepit, part municipal park system with picnic areas, beaches, and bicycle paths, the islands are a wonderful and popular getaway, and the best place from which to take photos of the Toronto skyline.

We had gone exploring mid-week, and found the place sparsely visited. The ferry was similarly quiet.

This peaceful outing stood in contrast to today’s visit, when the girlfriend and I went over as part of her birthday weekend. The ferry was packed, including a myriad of strollers (when did they stop being “baby carriages” or “prams”?) and noisy children. What can you expect with a kiddie amusement park among the islands’ attractions? Still, it was like being stuck in an unattended daycare centre for each ride of the ferry.

We wandered, had mediocre chicken wings, and stepped onto a beach, where Katharine put her toes into Lake Ontario. Then we rented a two-seater quadriped and pedaled and puffed our way over to the residential area and back. Beautiful weather (not too hot!), attractive sights, and a temporary escape from the teeming throng and their screaming brood. In future, I will avoid weekend excursions and enjoy the tranquility.

Besides the scenery, my favourite island discovery was the clock at the fire station. What significance do you find in this strange and intriguing timepiece?

For an explanation, see http://www.bluetyger.ca/issue5/wardisland.htm


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  1. I’m not really sure, but that one guy is getting a face massage… mmmm!

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