Overnight subsistence

19 August 2007

When people I knew decided to move to New York City or Los Angeles in pursuit of stardom, I always suggested a three-to-five-year period was not unreasonable to achieve the simple status of a working actor. (Unpredictable stardom, on the other hand, can come overnight or long after one has given up hope.) These friends would usually give a “yeah, yeah, of course, I know” kind of response, then get terribly despondent when they hadn’t booked a Broadway show or a TV series after six months.

I understand; it’s hard not to be impatient for success. After nine months here in Toronto, and only 6 months with an agent, I am not making enough to live on, and I must remind myself that I am still in the get-to-know-me stage. Besides, I have managed to land one national TV commercial, one internet commercial, two movies and one stage play. In addition to being a reasonably good number of jobs, it’s a welcome variety.

Still to achieve: voice-over, animation, musical theatre and television. And, of course, more lucrative contracts and challenging roles.



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